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If you’ve heard any T.V. or radio commercials lately, chances are you sang the infamous jingle when reading the title of this blog post just like our fans at the Today’s Dietician Symposium in Scottsdale. With well over 200 people in attendance, the Today’s Dietician Symposium gathered the most health-conscious minds, bodies, and souls from across the nation to discuss a variety of topics regarding health and wellness. As a main sponsor, Avocados From Mexico not only handed out real avocados at their bright booth, but they also hosted an intimate and delicious avocado filled dinner at The Simple Farm.

From dieticians and nutritionists to conference warehouse workers and bus drivers, everyone was singing the jingle as soon as we started unloading the impressive booth gear. Aside from the delicious avocado recipe pamphlets and useful avocado scoops, we assisted in the set up of an impressive LED Wall that featured a heart health focused image. In addition, we reinforced the natural beauty of avocados with natural elements at our booth like wooden crates and real-life avocados conference goers were able to enjoy at home. Of course, the color green was a motif seen throughout the event and into the V.I.P dinner held at the Simple Farm.

In order to really showcase the product, V.I.P conference goers were able to participate in a delectable avocado infused dinner inspired by the traditional flavors of Mexico. Considering all guests were coming from the conference, each meal had a nutritional twist that perfectly complimented the lush ambience. The Simple Farm provided the perfect backdrop with stringed lights sprinkled atop neat beds of bright veggies, sweet fruits, and fragrant flowers. The end result was nothing short of magical with guests gushing about the night’s festivities the following day at the booth.

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