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2021 End of Year Wrap Up

We are very excited to finish this year. One year after the pandemic started, we are standing strong and energetic, maybe even more than before

SueroX Summer Campaign Overview

NeoSol began working with the team at SueroX last May to devise a marketing campaign that would bring awareness, excitement, and engagement to their target

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Atun, You Tun, we all Tun for TUNY

NeoSol Marketing is proud to welcome tuna brand, Tuny! Unlike other canned tuna products, Tuny also offers products based in olive oil versus water, giving

Keep Yakult Delicious

Or was it Keep Portland Weird? Regardless, our teams in the Pacific Northwest kept the whole region weird and delicious with in-store demonstrations for Yakult.

“Avocados from Mexico”

If you’ve heard any T.V. or radio commercials lately, chances are you sang the infamous jingle when reading the title of this blog post just

Electrolit Brewed Up a Storm in Houston

We’ve been on the road with Electrolit for an amazing summer campaign that spanned 2 states including Texas and Florida. Although we started in Austin,

“Buy Us Some Peanuts and Yakult!”

Yakult is back at the “old ball game” once again with the Anaheim Angels in sunny California! During our last newsletter, Yakult practiced alongside the



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