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social consciousness

Reflecting on the start of a new year, more specifically the significance of the year 2020, there is much to celebrate. For one: it is an election year, which provides the people of the nation the opportunity to help construct the future of this country. However, what’s more notable to me lately is the heightened sense of social consciousness that has permeated world over, more specifically the United States, over this decade.

Although not often times thought about when discussing marketing, the trend towards social causes including politics, human rights, women’s rights, and health food have been a major guiding force in our industry. I think the most prominent example when thinking about the companies and brands we work with is veganism/vegetarianism. What was once a very small niche group of people who, for the most part, remained underground, is now one of the leading dietary trends of the decade. Despite sharing the same diet, the reasons for changing range from wanting to be more health conscious to the desire to protect animals and their rights as living beings. The same goes for those who attempt a zero-waste lifestyle, or those who refuse to purchase a gas fuel vehicle, it seems like everyone is trying to take a stand and do their part on what they believe will help all of mankind.

Despite being individual changes, all of them affect marketing with respect to reach. Though in-person events, sampling, and digital content make for great tactical reach, the real connection is made when consumers truly feel heard by their favorite brand’s marketing efforts. Staying relevant to consumer’s wants and needs is what will turn a Facebook post into a sale. However, even more, listening to the consumer and delivering on their desires will turn them into a loyalist.

As a marketing agency, we know this first hand. More and more are we listening to the consumer versus shouting at them what we think they need. Although the tables have turned a little, the goal remains the same for this year and the decade to come: to create strong connections between the brand and the consumer.

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