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Tips for staying motivated all year long.

I would be lying if I said I keep my motivation high all year long.  I think it would be hard for anyone to do so.   But what I do to keep me going is to make sure I have a good night sleep to start every day with a fresh mind and with the conviction that there is a solution to every situation. 

My main motivation is my fear of failure.  I won’t rest until the objective is achieved or the situation is solved.  I always think that I’m not the first or only person facing a specific situation so there has to be a way to solve it. This I learned from my parents.  Running a family business in a disorganized country in an industry where the main player has 80% of the market is pretty much a daily survival game.     

In any case, we entrepreneurs,  have the natural drive to move forward everyday.  So daily challenges and set backs are pretty much like going to the dinner buffet at the Caesar’s Palace.  The challenge to stay motivated is for people who is not doing what they love or  are tied to a place they don’t enjoy.  For them, I can only say, embrace change and move forward in a new direction.  To me, change is always good, it’s exciting, it’s a new world full of possibilities.  

We have been preparing for some time now a new business plan that we expect to fully unfold in 2018.  We are expanding the area of service to all the Top markets in the US. We are offering services in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, NY, NJ, additionally to our traditional markets in the West Coast.  We have everything in place to succeed.    We believe in efficiency and consistent results and every brand wants consistency and good results, now they can have all of it with one point of contact. 

We'd love to learn about your real world and digital marketing needs. Get in touch with us today!

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