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Post Football

American football is the favorite sport of the United States with 37% of the population claiming it is their #1 sport. Fans throughout the country tune in each Sunday as the NFL takes over their households, viewing parties are held weekly that culminate in a Super Bowl party at the end of the season, and parents enlist their little ones each year to participate in their own football team. Although Football is intense and competitive, it is also exciting and family-friendly and teaches an important lesson about Teamwork. 

Countless times it has been shown that a Football team is only as strong as its individual players and even more so the collective efforts of the entire team. Teamwork is truly the driving force of a successful team and season. 

From the selection of team players to the passion shown at each game, when you think about running a successful business, there are many similarities to the sport with the main example being how positive and ongoing teamwork can truly make or break a business.

A win in the game cannot be achieved unless all players are aware of their roles and understand and trust their fellow teammates. The coach plans the strategy and communicates this to the team, the quarterback must follow the play, the offensive line must protect the quarterback and the wide receivers must be ready to catch the ball. They all do this for the common goal of moving that ball towards the end zone, scoring a touchdown and ultimately winning the game. 

Each player is responsible for carrying out their part and the other players cannot win unless the entire team is invested, and their actions are actively pushing towards the success of the entire team. There is no other option than the team working together. In addition, an open line of communication has to be established to ensure all players are always on the same page and aware of next steps. These conversations take place at practice, team huddles and locker room meetings during halftime.

In a business these same principles apply.

A business leader has the responsibility to guide their team, communicate the goals and give clear directions as to what role each employee will play within the company. Each team member must have a clear understanding of their own responsibilities in order to carry them through. Each employee must fulfill their respective tasks keeping in mind that the overall success of the company is the ultimate goal. A business that prioritizes teamwork within their staff is more likely to be successful in the long run.

As football shows us, working together as a team should be fun, motivating and allow everyone to celebrate wins together. Afterall, team work makes the dream work.

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