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It’s a tried and true tradition at the start of all focus groups: the introductions. Boy did we have our share of them! Since our last newsletter, we coordinated a total of 5 market research projects for 3 different clients in the span of 3 months across 2 states! Everything from shopper surveys to taste test studies, we assisted in the planning, coordination, and execution of each with the opportunity to host 2 said studies in our very own focus group facility.

Although each of the studies we procured were different in nature, we coordinated similar steps to complete the projects at hand. We recruited participant groups that ranged in size from 10 to 125 people. We also worked with our team members to assist in the research strategy used to obtain the answers our clients were looking to achieve; from how to set up the room so as to not distract participants from the discussion at hand in the case of our taste test study to which store locations to visit for live, in-person surveys so as to gather a random selection of responses. At the end of the day, each project was custom tailored to our client’s burning questions about their selected new markets.

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