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Politics. It’s a tough topic for everyone, especially now in the United States of America. However, when Lord Ashcroft of Lord Ashcroft Polls needed some more insight regarding the current political climate of the U.S., NeoSol was armed and ready with the focus group resources to make his desired market research happen.

In order to better understand the future of the United States mid-terms, NeoSol, along with a few other agencies, assisted in the recruitment of “split-ticket” respondents in traditionally conservative Orange County, California. Through a variety of recruitment tools, strategies, and much needed collaboration amongst the agencies, market researchers from the United Kingdom came to witness a live focus group hosted by us. It was not without its challenges as many respondents initially hesitated in participating due to the topic.

After overcoming all obstacles, our focus group facility was prepped for excellence! In addition to our spacious Focus Group room and Client Viewing Room, we set up two additional spaces for our clients including our Client Viewing Lounge, complete with comfortable couches, a viewing monitor and speakers, as well as snacks, a mini-fridge with beverages, and a menu of local eateries for dinner. Adjacent to the Focus Group Room, we set up our respondent’s breakroom complete with dinner and beverages for our respondents prior to the focus group. Overall, allowing for a comfortable and effective market research experience for all involved.

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