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We are excited to announce Tru Blu cookies from Abimar Foods as the latest addition to the NeoSol family! Ready to break into the Southern California market, Tru Blu naturally came to us for our expertise in consumer interaction and product sampling. Thus, our Brand Ambassadors went to work at all SuperKing supermarket locations. Not only did they inform grocery shoppers about Tru Blu being the healthier option among other cookie brands, but they also provided snack size samples of both the Tru Blu Cremes and Oatmeal cookies.

We know what you’re thinking: Can cookies truly be healthy? Well, Tru Blu Cookies are known as the healthiest cookies on the market as they are baked with real sugar and contain no artificial coloring, conservatives, or high fructose corn syrup. On top of that, every bite of these cookies is truly delicious!

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