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2021 End of Year Wrap Up

We are very excited to finish this year. One year after the pandemic started, we are standing strong and energetic, maybe even more than before

SueroX Summer Campaign Overview

NeoSol began working with the team at SueroX last May to devise a marketing campaign that would bring awareness, excitement, and engagement to their target

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Topo Chico x Food La La

We’re always trying to find different types of events and collaborations for Topo Chico, this time, our favorite mineral water attends “Savory Macaron Happy Hour”.

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Run Yakult Run!

Yakult was off to the races this year at the 2019 New York City Marathon where over 53,000 runners from all over the world gathered

On The Road Again . . .

Del Real can’t wait to get on the road again. For the second time this season, Del Real showcased their traditional, ready-to-eat Mexican cuisine at

Tis’ the Season of Maseca

As we celebrated the holidays this year, Maseca continues to be a must on the Christmas shopping list among Latinos everywhere. From Salvadorean Pupusas to


ISSA Show with Dove Soap

Home to so many of the nation’s most celebrated and iconic resorts and hotels, the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) Show took place in fabulous

It's Goya... It has to be good

Y Continuamos Celebrando con Goya!

We have been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month all year long with Goya at various events across California, however the largest and most prolific event has



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