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Despite the many changes to our daily and personal lives, the team here at NeoSol decided to continue inspiring each other with daily activities that have made life in quarantine a little more bearable. Below we offer this week’s top office picks to help you and your team navigate this extraordinary time:

1. 30 minutes of Yoga

A centuries old practice, yoga has helped people throughout the ages not only stay physically flexible through routine stretching, but also by helping improve cardio and circulatory health.

2. Taking some time to prepare your office space for the day

Did you know that preparing your office space daily increases productivity, motivation, and creativity while also reducing stress.

3. Explore a new T.V. Series or Movie

Although seemingly frivolous, watching a new series or movie helps to relax us just a little bit more through escaping into another world.

4. Take a 30 minute Walk

Although going outside right now seems intimidating, taking a walk, even if it’s just once around your block has many benefits that include increasing your circulation and motivation while also reducing the risk of hypertension and cholesterol.

5. Doing Arts and Crafts

Participating in arts and crafts activities, especiall with your family, helps increase your creative juices while also lifting your spirits. It also helps with resolving problems through reflection while creating.

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